5 beautiful spots in Saudi for sunsets

Considering the desert terrain and hot climate that Saudia Arabia has, the kingdom has to offer a variety of scenes for tourists. Whether you are arriving in KSA to perform the holy rituals of Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage with Umrah Packages UK or touring the region on a visit visa, there are hundreds of different sites that you can visit and explore.

If you have a knack for watching sunsets and looking for the best places in Saudi Arabia for that purpose, here are 5 beautiful spots in Saudi for sunsets.

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1.  Dhee Ayn Village:

  • Dhee Ayn Village is also referred to as the ‘Marble Village’.
  • This village is nearly a 400-year-old settlement that is present on a rocky white marble hill located in Saudia Arabia’s Al-Baha region.
  • The village remains a great escape from the noise of the city and hectic routine, offering a peaceful and serene atmosphere for the tourists and locals to relax and enjoy sunsets as well as sunrises.
  • Though a village, Dhee Ayn Village contains nearly 12 buildings that span over an area of 10,000 square meters and house 6000 historical items.

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2.  Edge of the World:

  • Present at an hour’s drive from the capital city of Riyadh in Saudia Arabia.
  • The Edge of the World is a prominent cliff on the Tuwaiq mountain ranges that offers breathtaking views of the Tabuk region.
  • The height of this hill is vertically 1,000 feet, showcasing the area’s rich geological history.
  • You can easily get to the cliff’s summit with trekking of 5 to 10 minutes.
  • The Edge of World is renowned for offering a panoramic view of the breathtaking sunset while the silent and serene atmosphere there adds to its beauty.

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3.  Asfar Lake — Yellow Lake:

  • Al Asfar Lake is commonly known as the ‘Yellow Lake’ in the region.
  • It is present in Al Ahsa National Park.
  • The lake is renowned for its golden reflections from the surrounding sand dunes.
  • It is a prominent spot not only for migrating birds and diverse plant species but also for humans because of its peaceful atmosphere.
  • You can go on the safari exploration of the site accessible with organizers and four-wheel drive vehicles.
  • The presence of palm trees, shallow waters, and charming sand dunes – all add to a captivating setting for nature enthusiasts and tourists alike.

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4.  Wadi Al Disah:

  • Wadi Al Disah, is present in the southwest Province of Tabuk.
  • It is a valley with rugged sandstone cliffs and palm trees in its surroundings.
  • Apart from the scenic landscape, Wadi Al Disah houses a diverse wildlife.
  • The valley also holds archaeological significance because of the presence of various tombs, temples, and ancient sites.
  • Activities that you can do here prominently include;
    • Hiking.
    • Birdwatching.
    • Camping.
  • Sunset views are also mesmerizing in Wadi Al Disah.
  • You can get a hot air balloon ride to have the perspective of this beautiful valley from above, especially at the time of sunset for a sight like never before.

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5.  Jeddah Corniche:

  • Jeddah Corniche stretches approximately 30 kilometres along the Red Sea.
  • It is a scenic waterfront that features the world’s tallest fountain, also known as ‘King Fahad’s Fountain’.
  • There are a lot of activities that visitors can do here in addition to watching sunsets. Such as;
    • Strolls.
    • Bike rides.
    • Sunbathing on beautiful beaches.
  • The coastal road here remains bombarded with a variety of luxurious hotels, restaurants, and cafes, to create a welcoming, and lively atmosphere for all.

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More spots to visit for sunset.

  • Al Wahbah Crater.
  • Red Sand Dunes of Al Nafud.
  • Al Lith Beach.
  • Jabal Sawda.
  • Empty Quarter (Rub’ al Khali).
  • Tuwaiq Escarpment — Red Cliffs.
  • King Fahd Fountain – Jeddah.
  • Al Khobar Corniche.
  • Al Baha Mountains.
  • Al Jubail Corniche.

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Things to consider.

  1. Check the weather before you go.
  2. Know the entry rules and travel guidelines.
  3. Arrive early for the best view.
  4. Follow safety rules, especially in nature.
  5. Bring a camera, and binoculars, and dress appropriately.
  6. Plan your transportation to and from the spot.
  7. Learn about any specific rules at the location.
  8. Avoid big crowds by planning your visit.
  9. Respect local customs and traditions.
  10. Keep the area clean; dispose of waste responsibly.

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That’s where and how you should go with a halal holiday UK to watch sunsets in Saudi.

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