The Spice Trail and Melbourne Nangs

Melbourne Nangs

Melbourne Nangs are small metal canisters that contain nitrous oxide, and they are used to whip cream without the need for a traditional dispenser. They can be found at kitchen stores and are extremely easy to use: simply screw one on to the top of a whipped cream dispenser, shake and dispense.

Despite this, they are highly addictive and can be dangerous to the user’s health. Long-term use can lead to depression or psychosis. Mixing nitrous oxide with other drugs (including alcohol) increases the risks. It is also important to remember that nangs are pressurised and shouldn’t be opened or tampered with — this can cause them to explode.

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Using Melbourne Nangs is not illegal, and the canisters can be bought online as ‘kitchen supplies’ with a credit card or PayPal. They are easy to find and are often sold on sites that promise a 24-hour delivery service, dubbed ‘Nangwizard’ or ‘Nangzoo’ (an obvious play on Deliveroo). Those who sell them don’t consider themselves drug dealers and don’t ask for proof of age.

Buyers are encouraged to take B12 vitamins after a session, as the nitrous oxide can deplete it in the body. In the past, Robert’s addiction to nangs cost him his fiancee and a few jobs, and left him in tens of thousands of dollars in debt. He is now months sober and working at a job that he loves.

The Spice Trails (also known as the Maritime Silk Roads) were the sea routes through which spices were traded. Spices were of special interest as they were small and dried – meaning that they could be transported easily.

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Our January challenge saw some delicious paprika recipes, from bread to shortbread and tuiles. Check them out here.

Melbourne Nangs

Spice Routes

Today, spices are incredibly cheap and easily available. But 2,500 years ago they were highly sought after treasures that could cost up to a hundred times as much as gold or silver. The value of these fragrant cargoes helped shape world history. They were so precious that they had to be protected from greedy hands. This was done by creating elaborate myths and legends, involving dangerous dragons and menacing serpents.

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The Spice Routes stretched across the globe; from the west coast of Japan to the Indonesian islands, around India, into the lands of Asia, and across the Mediterranean to Europe. These sea journeys were often treacherous, but the profits that could be gained were enormous.

During the tenth century, the Arabians had a monopoly on this lucrative trade. Then a Portuguese nobleman named Vasco da Gama set out to find a sea route to the countries where pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg were grown. He eventually rounded the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa and completed the first great sea voyage to the land of spices.

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In this documentary series, Joanna Lumley travels to the places where some of the most valuable spices come from, exploring their enticing flavours and discovering the people who grow them. She starts in her birthplace of Hampi in India, where she’s invited to a dazzling Hindu festival and meets a great grandmother who teaches the oldest martial art. From there she goes to Madagascar, to learn the secrets of vanilla, and then to Ecuador, to discover how cocoa is grown and used to make chocolate.

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The Spice Trail

The world’s first great global exchange was spices, and the story of the spice trade is a tale of travel, blood, culture, and money. These mysterious, exotic products came from lands thought to be on the edge of the world, and they were coveted for their taste, beauty, and medicinal properties. They became status symbols, were traded as currency, and even cured the plague in medieval Europe. Their astronomically high price tags made them objects of desire, and the ports where traders stopped were melting pots of culture and knowledge.

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Joanna Lumley sets off on her most epic voyage yet, exploring the centuries-old spice continents that shaped our world. Her journey begins on the remote island of Banda, which was once the only place where nutmeg grew. Here she discovers that, while this island attracted A-list celebrities like Mick Jagger, it also possesses a dark, hidden history.

Melbourne Nangs Delivery are convenient, easy to use, and are a fun way to add an extra touch to desserts or other meals. They’re available in a variety of flavors and styles, and can be ordered online. You can also purchase them at a local store, but ordering them online is the fastest and most convenient option. Using a nang delivery service saves you from having to drive to the store and lug around large chargers or whipped cream containers.

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Spice Dispensers

Spice dispensers help streamline the dispensing process in your restaurant or bar, while maintaining freshness and precision. These containers have a variety of features to suit your needs, including double-hinged lids that dispense either by shaking or pouring and that snap closed to create an airtight seal for longer storage. They’re also ideal for storing spices in powder or granulated form, as well as toppings and inclusions.

Shop the range of spice bottles and jars for sale to find the perfect container for your establishment’s menu items. They come in a range of capacities, styles, and colours, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your brand and décor. Many of these containers feature a clear plastic design that allows you to see what’s inside without having to open them. This can make it easier to identify products and will let you know when it’s time to order replacements.

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Unlike bags, which can be difficult to label and may become ripped or tampered with, our dispensers are rigid and easy to keep neatly organized. This helps prevent spills and contamination between spices while ensuring that customers can easily find what they’re looking for. Several dispensers also have a wheel or portion control nozzle that allows for precise, accurate pours of dry ingredients, minimizing waste and helping you maximize your profits.

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