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The application KEYMACRO is designed to help users of the M-IKEv2 protocol, based on the OpenPGP standard. It provides a set of features for creating and maintaining digital signatures, RSA and DSA keys, X.509 certificates and SSH keys in Windows.
KeyMACRO is a very advanced encryption and decryption software, which is simple and easy to use. The application starts with an easy-to-use interface that gives the user a set of options to manage the key file, key source, private key, and public key.
The main features include:
* Creation of encrypted file.
* Creation of RSA, DSA, ECC and X.509 certificates.
* Creation of SSH keys for pair and unpairing.
* Signature, for RSA and DSA keys.
* Encryption with AES, 3DES, Blowfish, Twofish and Serpent algorithms.
* Decryption with all supported algorithms.
* Synchronization of key files (automatic backup of modified files).
* Multi-language support.
* Search for key files on the computer.
* Creating a separate key file for every session.
* Registering a key file for automatic backup.
* Customizable user interface.
* Creating and modifying key properties.
* Creation and editing of the key manager.
* Printing and saving key files.
* Importing of public key files.
* The key management.
* The user-interface.
* The key options.
* Settings for RSA keys and encryption.
* All RSA and DSA keys.
* All RSA, DSA, ECC and X.509 certificates.
* All RSA, DSA, ECC and X.509 keys for SSH.
* Password generation.
* Editing and adding key files.
* Saving and deleting key files.
* Network analysis.
* All key files.
* All RSA and DSA keys.
* All RSA, DSA, ECC and X.509 certificates.
* All RSA, DSA, ECC and X.509 keys for SSH.
* Generate a session key.
* Create a file server.
* Sending key files to other computers using the network.
* The multi-session keys.
* Key encryption.
* The RSA key extraction.
* Signing RSA key files.
* Signing X.509 certificate files.
* Signing RSA and DSA 384a16bd22

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Easy Photo Movie Maker is a kind of amazing software, which can help you to make your movies easily. It is compatible with PIC18F2550, PIC18F2550, PIC18F2450 and PIC18F2650 microcontrollers, and all the developed in C18C compiler and Microchip’s MC18F2550 series in IDE.
Easy Photo Movie Maker software contains following components.
1) Easy Photo Movie Maker
2) Network Viewer
3) MP3 Audio Player
Easy Photo Movie Maker Features:
1) This software provides easy-to-use interfaces.
2) An interesting features is the ability to export the photos in different formats: flash cards, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital video, online communities, etc…
3) This software can work as a kind of flash memory for your PIC18F2550, PIC18F2450 and PIC18F2650 microcontrollers.
4) This software contains an option of recording the mode while you use Easy Photo Movie Maker.
5) Network Viewer, which is a must-have for this kind of application.
Network Viewer Features:
1) It can monitor the modules on the network.
2) The network information includes IP address, MAC address, etc…
3) It can monitor network traffic and the Internet access.
4) It can display the network information when you get the network information.
5) The status of the modules can be found in a user-friendly interface.
6) The connection to the Internet can be established with DHCP or PPPoE.
Easy Photo Movie Maker & Network Viewer Requirements:
1) Windows XP or higher.
2) Microchip PIC18F2550, PIC18F2450 or PIC18F2650 microcontrollers.
3) Microchip’s MC18F2550 series in IDE.
4) This software is released as a free software, but the use of PIC18F2550 is not permitted.
Network Viewer & Easy Photo Movie Maker Download:



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