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How Can I Remediate This?


This is obviously an issue with the packaging software. I suggest you contact the developer with a detailed description of the problem and ask how to confirm the issue. If they have no solution then you can try to fix it yourself.
If you are just trying to recover the package or just patching the overwritten


you can try this one:

The present invention relates to a die-cast machine.
When an aluminum alloy die-cast machine and a steel die-cast machine are used, if a molten metal is supplied to a mold from a tundish and is then cast into a predetermined shape, a surface of the molten metal is not wholly contacted with a die surface in the casting process because of a surface tension of the molten metal. Therefore, when the molten metal comes in contact with the die, a change occurs in the molten metal from its original state such that a cast molded article is formed from a molten metal having deteriorated properties.
Thus, the conventional die-casting machine has a problem that the resultant cast molded article is inferior in finish quality of a surface thereof, and hence the appearance of the molded article is not good.
In view of this problem, it is a first object of the present invention to provide a die-cast machine which can raise the surface quality of a cast molded article.
When the die-cast machine has a mold opening/closing device which can raise the surface quality of the resultant cast molded article, there may occur a case where this raising effect is adversely affected when the mold opening/closing device is driven.
Thus, the conventional die-casting machine has a problem that the raising effect of the mold opening/closing device is not effected sufficiently by the conventional driving device.
In view of this problem, it is a second object of the present invention to provide a die-cast machine which can raise the surface quality of a cast molded article in accordance with the setting of the mold opening/closing device.Q:

Is it possible to edit QAction menus in Qml?

I have a problem with my Qt application. It was written for Qt5 and after a few months of developing it I realized, that I need to update it

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