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The pre-designer is a tool for simulating various optics, lenses and imaging systems. It includes a very easy to use graphical interface and supports both OpenGL and DirectX based graphics.
All the design parameters can be easily adjusted using a set of sliders. The design can be adjusted using magnification and zoom, view distance and set plane positions. Additional adjustments are available for each field option.
All ray tracing results and ray paths can be printed out. It supports up to 100 ray tracing iterations. The documentation is also very comprehensive.

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PreDesigner Crack + (April-2022)

«PreDesigner is a tool for the determination of the key optical parameters for imaging systems, consisting of lens, mirror, and others. It is an ideal complement to traditional Gaussian analysis.
In contrast to commercial design software, PreDesigner is equipped with a highly interactive graphical interface and advanced image-generation technology.»


[CC0] Creative Commons Attribution 0.0

Screen Shots:


In the comments, you said:

That would be great, but it would be nice if the user could directly
use that output to simulate the optical system to calculate the
information he needs (offering a measure of the complexity of the
project, if you will).

Basically you have two questions here:

Which output should the user use?
How much complexity should be required for the project to use that output?

In your case, the answers to both questions are yes.
When you are designing a project, what is your goal? Let’s say you are designing a set of lenses to form a microscope. How are you going to use the design? Will you use it in-hand? If so, the output should look like you are looking at a physical example. Will you use it to print a pattern? If so, the output should be your design.
What is the complexity of a lens? Is it a cat-eye lens? A lenticular lens? A pair of lenses? Etc.
Can you show your design to someone else and they understand it? If you can, then your design should be output at multiple resolutions. There should be a lower resolution design and a higher resolution design. Are the lower resolutions in-hand? Can they focus and are they easy to understand? Can you print them?
You might also have your design output a simulation of your optical system. If you can show someone else that the output works the way they want, then the output should be able to be used to simulate the optical system.
The more functionality you add to the design, the more complexity is added to the design. You don’t need to increase the functionality until you have a specific need for the design. Design is

What’s New in the PreDesigner?

System Requirements For PreDesigner:

Microsoft Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), 8.1, or 10 (All editions)
Windows Server® 2008 (32-bit or 64-bit)
2 GB hard drive space
DirectX® 9.0c
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