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Diablo 2 Character Editor is a fun utility aiming to provide a convenient method to edit your Diablo 2 characters. It can be used to customize various characteristics of your heroes while backing up the original characters, just in case.
Diablo 2 Character Editor is not the first or the last software of its type; seeing as Diablo 2 is a very popular game, it’s to be expected that third-party tools that help users to edit characters be appreciated as well.
What sets this application apart from similar software is the ease of ease and the fact that it does not require installation. It runs in portable mode, leaving the machine’s registry untouched.
It sports a simple interface that allows you to quickly add a character from local resources and start editing it. The characteristics that can be adjusted are the following: title, name, class, status, stats, experience, strength, dexterity, energy, vitality, life, mana and stamina. Moreover, you can also personalize quests, waypoints and skill trees.
Instead of editing every value manually, you can hit the ‘Max Everything’ button in order to insert the allowed maximum amount for each of the fields. Once you’re done, you can save the modifications to a new file.
You need not worry about the fact that the original character will be overwritten, since the software features an automatic backup feature that creates a copy of each unmodified character. If at some point, you wish to reverse the changes, the ‘Restore Character’ feature can make it happen instantly.
To sum it all up, Diablo 2 Character Editor provides a comfortable manner to edit game heroes complication-free. The ease of use, combined with the advantage of being a portable application are the two reasons that make it worthy of a try out.

Deleting Files and Folders

Files and Folders are important for your personal computer. You may need to delete files and folders to free up space or to make room for new files.
If you want to delete specific files, then you need to delete them from the desktop, or remove them from the recycle bin. You cannot delete files or folders directly from your computer. In order to remove a file or folder from your computer, you need to find the file or folder on the computer first.

How to Delete Files and Folders from Your Computer

How to delete files and folders is a simple process. Once you are in the file system, select the file or folder eea19f52d2


uPDFe is a universal PDF creator, which makes PDF documents from text documents, spreadsheets and images. It enables you to convert those to PDF in one of the following ways:
View existing documents, edit them and create new ones
Update the existing PDF documents with text or images from other formats, like Word, Excel, powerpoint or images
It also makes the PDF documents in a variety of formats, including.doc,.docx,.ppt,.pptx,.txt,.csv,.xls,.xlsx,.gif,.jpg,.jpeg and many others.
All files are converted into PDFs with embedded text, images and graphics, without any loss of quality or accuracy.
Support for hotkeys
Another feature of this application is the support for hotkeys. So, if you prefer to work using your keyboard than mouse, uPDFe has hotkeys that can be assigned to any functions.
This software is incredibly easy to use. It doesn’t require any manual adjustments, such as installing the programs, or manually setting system variables. Just install it and open the uPDFe.exe file.
The window that appears will guide you through the process of converting text documents, spreadsheets and images into PDF documents, with no problems and with minimal effort.
Note that uPDFe supports a single instance of the application, so if you want to convert more than one document or file, you will have to quit the application to open a new instance of uPDFe. The files you want to convert will appear in the Conversion window.

Create text documents, spreadsheets and images to PDF
Open multiple documents or files at the same time
Convert documents in more than 20 formats, including.doc,.docx,.ppt,.pptx,.txt,.csv,.xls,.xlsx,.gif,.jpg,.jpeg
Convert all files (including sub-folders) or one or multiple documents
Save your PDF document or convert it to any image format:.bmp,.tiff,.png,.jpg,.jpeg,.tga,.cr2,.cdr,.exr,.pfm,.pcx,.svg,.raw,.fpx,.jpx,.ktx,.pnc,.pti,.crw,.cr2,


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