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I’m using this one which comes with its own FSO and FluidSynth installation:

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• When the plugin is started, it runs the following macro:
%macro playchip(track=0)
fso.muse([], 0)
;fso.midi.add({note=127, velocity=127, duration=140, channel=3, track=track})
fso.muse([«Emu de MIDI»], {note=127, velocity=127, duration=140, channel=1, track=track})
fso.muse([«Emu de MIDI»], {note=127, velocity=127, duration=140, channel=2, track=track})
fso.muse([«Emu de MIDI»], {note=127, velocity=127, duration=140, channel=3, track=track})

• Demo and more documentation.


to get help on the command line.


(to play the track «track» in Emu de MIDI as the default synth)


to play the synth called name (for use as a preset)


to cycle through each synth in the plugin and play it through


Supported Formats:

Supported Synthesizers:
FluidSynth, BASSMIDI, SoundFont

Supported VSTs:
Steinberg, VstPlugins, Native Instruments

Synthesizers Supported:
Sequential, Noise, WaveForm, Harmonic, FM, FM PolySine, Saw, Triangle,

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Version 0.16 (TBD)
Corrects a bug in handling of.XMI files.

Version 0.15 (TBD)
Patch code (thanks to @mrmek) to fix a bug in handling.HMI files.

Version 0.14 (TBD)
Show the extension of the file being played,
Display the original filename from which the file is read (if any)

Version 0.13 (TBD)
Added a new «Add file» button on the main window.

Version 0.12 (TBD)
Fixed a bug with the file loading dialog when navigating to an
existing directory containing a MIDI file.

Version 0.11 (TBD)
Moved the VST library to the %programfiles% directory.

Version 0.10 (TBD)
Initial release


External links
MIDI Midi Decode
foobar2000 github project
mrmek’s fork of foobar2000 github project

Category:Foobar2000 plugins

What’s New in the?

The MODE selector allows you to choose between the built-in synthesizer and a user-defined soundfont. If the ‘chip-tune’ mode is selected, the plugin will use Emu de MIDI to play a MIDI note.
If the «SoundFont» mode is selected, the plugin will load a soundfont or VST instrument that has been added to %programfiles%\Steinberg\VstPlugins, or you can load a MIDI file with the «VST Instrument» mode selected.
Currently, the plugin supports the following soundfonts and VST instruments:
-Gutsy Gibbon (due to the Steinberg website’s broken Flash player compatibility I’m not able to install the plugins)
-Goblin & Ninja Tunes (added by Gemma)
-Angelus (added by Fabrizio)
-Bundle (added by Fabrizio)
-FluidSynth (added by me)
-BASSMIDI (added by me)
-Voice (added by me)
-Fruity Synth (added by me)

Version 1.02 — Added «SoundFont» mode.
Version 1.01 — Minor fixes.
Version 1.00 — Initial release.
Thanks to Gemma, Fabrizio, FruitySynth, BASSMIDI, and Steve Romano for testing this and providing feedback.

The MIDI file format is the defacto standard for storing music in computers.
But many older MIDI files contain sound that is simply too horrible for modern computers.
This plugin is designed to help you decode these terrible MIDI files.


To install the plugin:
1. Download the file «» to your hard disk.
2. Unzip the file by double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer.
3. Open up the folder «Midifile\Midifile.cfg» and copy the text into the file.
4. Open up Foobar2000, go to the Add-ons Menu, click «Install Add-ons», then click «Options».
5. Click «Browse» then «Plugins» and then browse to the folder «Midifile» on the hard disk.
6. Select the file «Midifile.cfg» and click «OK».
7. Go to «Configure» > «General Settings» > «Plugin Settings» > «Midi Player» and make sure that
«Midi Format» is set to «MIDI-PRG».
8. Close Foobar2000 and start it up.
9. Open the menu and click «Play» and then «Open». Select a

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