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psyBOX contains two different modulators to change the settings.
DETO is a VCA that controls the overall transients and the overall sound of the modulator.
POP is a parameter that controls the amount of overdrive the effect has.
MACRO controls the frequnecy of the modulation.
DETO — Pops is a Peak of envelope to Peak of envelope Amp Cut control
By using this control you can have more control over the rhythmic character of the modulator and the overall sound of the effect.
DETO — Envelope control is a PWM control which gives you the ability to influence the transient nature of the modulator.
By using this control you can make the transients more snappy or slow them down.
POP — Controls the overall sound of the modulator.
By using this control you can increase or decrease the power of the effect.
MACRO — controls the frequency of the modulation.
By using this control you can increase or decrease the frequency of the modulation.
psyBOX utilizes a VCA modulator as well as a modulation envelope to create the modulator sound.
psyBOX also utilizes a JX-8 modulator which controls the sound coming from a second waveform, it is a 6-pole low pass filter so it will make a low pitch, sine wave which will then be converted to a square wave.
psyBOX uses the VCA to control the gain of the wave and the tone.
psyBOX uses a JX-8 modulator to control the sound coming from the 6-pole low pass filter.
psyBOX modulates with the help of the VCA, the envelop, and the JX-8 modulator.
psyBOX can control the intensity of the modulator.
psyBOX can be turned on or off.
psyBOX can be triggered to be on, off, or auto.
psyBOX can be locked or unlocked
psyBOX can be set to repeat or not repeat.
psyBOX can be set to slowly decay or fast decay.
psyBOX can be set to fade out or not fade out.
psyBOX can be set to loop or not loop.
psyBOX can be set to run and stop.
psyBOX can be set to run and stop until a key is pressed.
psyBOX can be set to have two different VCA’s.
psyBOX can be set to have two different JX-8 modulators 384a16bd22

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1. Calculation tool for a wide range of geometric shapes
2. Quick test of area, length, distance and midpoint
3. Conversion tool for inches, feet, yards, miles, mm, cm, m and km
4. The calculation of volumes, surfaces, circumferences and areas of various shapes
5. Import and export of XLSX files
6. Portable to use on USB drives and portable devices.



Christine L.

(Verified Buyer)

Rating: 4 out of 5

Difficulty: Easy

Primary Use: Reference

Pros: Quick, easy to use, easy to understand.

Cons: I’d like to see the calculator was able to calculate the average length and width of a rectangle with three sides as long as the sum of those lengths added up to the length of one of the sides. I also wish that the calculator could tell me the areas of the shapes. This is very helpful.

Shape Calculator is a small Windows application whose purpose is to help you calculate the volume, surface area, perimeter, or area of different geometrical objects. In addition, it is able to perform conversions and employ mathematical formulas like Pythagorean Theorem, as well as calculate the distance and midpoint.
Portable running mode
This is a portable utility. You can keep it stored on USB flash drives or other portable devices and carry it with you all the time. Gaining access to the tool’s features requires only opening the executable file because there’s no installation included in the process.
You are welcomed by a clean and intuitive layout that allows you to click on one of the geometrical figures (rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, parallelogram, circle, cone, square pyramid, cylinder, sphere, and rectangular solid) displayed in the main panel in order to perform the calculations.
When it comes to conversions, the application offers you the possibility to perform conversions between inches, feet, yards, and miles. Plus, you can convert between millimeters, centimeters, meters, and kilometers.
Tests have shown that Shape Calculator carries out a task very quickly and without errors. It does not eat up a lot of CPU and memory resources so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered. On the downside, you are not allowed to copy the results to the clipboard.
Bottom line
All things considered, Shape

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