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Arg1= *
Arg2=Open MediaInfo Plus
Command=Open the current file.
Arg1= *
Arg2=Open the current file
Command=Save As
Arg1= *
Arg2=Save MediaInfo Plus
Command=Save As the current file.
Arg1= *
Arg2=Save MediaInfo Plus
Command=Save All As
Arg1= *
Arg2=Save all settings to the current file.
Command=Save As Latest Version
Arg1= *
Arg2=Saves the current settings as the newest version.
Command=Save As Latest Version
Arg1= *
Arg2=Saves the current settings as the newest version.
Arg1= *
Arg2=Closes MediaInfo Plus
Arg1= *
Arg2=Shows this help message.
Command=Save Macro As
Arg1= *
Arg2=Opens the Current File in a new tab.
Command=Print Macro To Clipboard
Arg1= *
Arg2=Opens the current file in a new tab.
Arg1= *
Arg2=Quits MediaInfo Plus.

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MediaInfo Plus can be used to get various media information on your media files. Using the interface, you can gather information such as: frame rate, bitrate, format, duration, and codec. It can be installed on your computer with ease, and offers the possibility to enter a certain folder, retrieve settings, and run different command-lines, among other things. All the options are well-commented and displayed clearly on the screen. The program offers a few limitations, the first being its inability to analyze multiple files at once, the second being the limited amount of formats it can handle.


A music or video file can be played back from the main menu with the right click. Right click on the file you wish to watch, in order to open the “Open with” sub-menu. This menu shows different options, such as converting the file’s format or playing it. In the former case, you are presented with several options, including Simple File Conversion, MP3, AVI, MKV and WAV. You can choose one of them, and the conversion will take place.

Once the conversion is complete, you can then choose a format 384a16bd22

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✓ Create / delete / edit a new task.
✓ Set working area for the new task.
✓ Set name for the new task.
✓ Set the time for the new task.
✓ Start the task.
✓ Stop the task.
✓ Enter elapsed time.
✓ Open a new log file.
✓ Copy task details to clipboard.
✓ Delete task from clipboard.
✓ Write a new task.
✓ Delete a task.
✓ Delete all tasks.
✓ Open log.
✓ Read a log.
✓ Open a log file.
✓ Open a log file.
✓ Delete all logs.
✓ Close the program.
Approval needed:
✓ Yes

HOGWORLD Task Manager Lite
by John Ritchie’s HogBlog
is a small freeware program for task management (including databases) and controlling a comprehensive list of tools used to collect your chickens. HOGWORLD tasks are saved to plain text databases with the.txt file type. It’s not as intuitive expected, though.
Start tasks on the spot and save log details
New tasks can be put together by entering a name and selecting a working area. It’s not possible to specify a custom starting and ending time or any other details for job scheduling. Instead, tasks can be started at the current date and time with one click (light turns green). Until stopped (light turns red), HOGWORLD shows the elapsed time.
Log details with the start, end and elapsed time can be saved to the database by pressing the «Write» button, as well as brought up to the screen in your default text editor («Open» button). Unfortunately, the program isn’t capable of performing this action automatically.
Approval needed:
✓ Yes

Checkmark Schedule Lite
by John Ritchie’s HogBlog
is a simple text scheduling program with no options for creating and managing tasks.
Starting tasks on the spot and saving log details
Tasks can be started by putting them in a list and dragging the task into a block with a checkmark.
✓ Start task.
✓ Stop task.
✓ Enter time.
Log details are saved automatically to plain text databases with the.txt file type. It’s not as intuitive expected, though.
Copy tasks to clipboard.
✓ Delete task.
Approval needed:ррсeр-рї47-imgsrc-ru/

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