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Security of simple folders is pretty difficult to enforce by default, even though Windows lets you hide them. However, developers thought of various methods and came out with specialized applications just like Perfect Lock in order to put a lock on virtual drives in which you can store just about anything.
Perks of portability
A cool advantage comes in the form of portability, allowing you to check out the application's set of features as soon as download is done. As such, it's easy to store on a USB flash drive in case you want to use it on other computers. No traces are left on the target PC, because system registry entries don't need to be modified to ensure functionality.
The first step to the operation si to set up a master password. There's no strength indicator or built-in generator to help out. Confirmation is required to make it work. Don't worry if your first attempt isn't strong enough because you can change the master password from the settings menu at any given moment.
Drive hides when not used
The application works by creating a virtual storage device. Your computer acknowledges it as a fixed disk, with the X drive letter set by default, and no option to change it, or the name tag. You can't configure available space either, but the application uses the system partition for space, so all available space there can be used in the virtual drive.
With the password configured you can easily access the new drive by simply punching in the security code. The drive immediately opens up, and remains visible as long as the application is running. If you want to quickly launch the application from any location, you can assign a hotkey command to its shortcut from the Properties panel.
To sum it up
Bottom line is that it's best to stay on the safe side especially when multiple individuals use the same computer or have easy access to the same account. Perfect Lock comes as a reliable tool in this regard, with a straightforward approach, and difficult method of being tracked since you can store it on a thumb drive, and the virtual drive is almost always hidden.


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Perfect Lock Crack Free Download [Win/Mac]

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Perfect Lock Crack Free Download

Password protected folders is a simple application that can help you protect your sensitive data. Whether you use Word or Excel documents on a daily basis, you can improve their security and protect your data from prying eyes. You may be also interested in Best Password Manager and password management software.

Protect a folder to a specified password with the click of a button. Even if someone tries to access your password protected folder, they will be unable to do so because they will not be able to access your hard drive.

PerfectLock features:

Locks a folder to a password

Locks a folder to a file type

Files and folders can be protected individually

Create multiple passwords for a single folder or file

Password security is strong

Password policy is configured on a user basis

Password forgotten option to recover

«Forgotten Password?» feature to recover your password

Protect multiple folders or files at once

Applications can be uninstalled for good

Password filter option

Password expire after a specified time

Folder protection can be disabled and enabled at any time

Password policy can be configured for all folders or just a particular folder

Complete control over which folders can be locked

Automatic login if required



Free for non-commercial use


1.36 MB


Dear Author

The above license allows you to use the app in commercial and non-commercial work as long as it is not for profit in nature.

PerfectLock…an Application made simple.

Fulfilling all my needs, perfect lock really took care of my folders! No more people looking around, deleting, copying, and/or pretending to have lost their passwords.

I have no complaints and will definitely use perfect lock in the future. Thank you.

I love the concept. At first I tried it, but after a few days I didn’t like it. It didn’t provide any options and didn’t do anything for me. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I am getting better. I’ve come to realize that it is there to protect your data while you are away from your desktop. It allows you to access your files on the fly without leaving your desktop. It is best used when you don’t want people to see

Perfect Lock Activation 2022

Creates a removable virtual drive that cannot be detected by any software. This executable is set to run on demand. Perfect Lock is a portable application that creates a virtual drive.
Create Virtual Drives on demand with Perfect Lock
Perfect Lock allows you to create Virtual Drives on demand. These drives can be put in «quarantine» or «locked» mode.
* Portable application
* Install on demand
* Create Virtual Drives on demand
* Lock the Virtual Drive
* Remove Virtual Drive from the System
* Change Virtual Drive Name
* Add Thumb drive in Virtual Drive Location
* Extract files
* Move files within Virtual Drive
* Download a file through Internet
* Configure Command Line Password
* Change Virtual Drive Password
* Set Hot Key to open/close Virtual Drive
* Uninstall
* Set maximum Virtual drive size in Megabytes
* Change the Virtual Drive file extension to become «Trash.exe»
* Set the virtual drive «trash.exe» to constantly run in the background.
* Change the virtual drive file icon if required.
* Change the Virtual Drive’s file name and title.
* Add or remove the «Run» entry to the quick launch bar.
* Hide the virtual drive icon (Please note that once you hide the virtual drive icon, you can’t unhide it)
* Change the virtual drive’s Properties to configure other options
* Disconnect Virtual Drive from computer
* Lock the virtual drive.
* Remove virtual drive from system.
* Extract files or move files within virtual drive.
* Download files from Internet.
* Configure Command Line Password.
* Change the virtual drive password.
* Change the hot key to operate virtual drive.
* Open Virtual Drive or extract a file in the virtual drive.
* To install the application:
1. Download the installer (perfectlock.1.exe)
2. Copy the file to the directory where you want the application to be installed.
3. Double-click on the installer to run the application.

The applications primary purpose is to hide other programs from detection. You can start and stop the application without the user being aware that there was anything even running. Whenever the application is used to hide a program, the virtual drive is hidden from view.

The application is saved in a registry key of its own to ensure that it is only used when the user wants to use it.

Saving the

What’s New in the Perfect Lock?

Perfect Lock is a security application that allows you to create a password-protected drive for your PC, which could help you keep the important files and folders safe. By enabling you to easily create a security code, you’ll never need to worry about your data being lost.


Create Virtual Drive
This application allows you to create a virtual USB storage device which can be accessed by your Windows system. This virtual drive is mounted in the virtual folder which you would like to keep safe. When you create a password for this virtual drive, you’ll be able to access files and folders from this drive without the need to enter a password every time.

Private Folder
You can also hide the virtual drive into a system folder without being seen to your desktop. This will help you to prevent others from accessing your files and folders without knowing the password. You can also choose where to place your private folder, which will lead to a special folder named Private in C:\Users\.

You can create groups of people that you need to share the files and folders with. You can then decide which groups you would like to share with each other.

Restricted Access Mode
You can protect your virtual drive or folders with a password when you access it. You can also restrict its access to a group of people.

Recycle Bin
You will be able to see the contents of your deleted files and folders right after deleting it.

Password Protection
You can choose to add a password to protect files and folders. The password needs to be entered at the time you create the drive.

Keep the Drive Hidden
You can make your private drive appear as a fixed drive and hide it from other users when you don’t need it anymore.

Create Shortcut
You can create a shortcut to the application when you launch it.

System Properties
You will get all the advanced settings through this application.


Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7.


Download the setup file.

Extract the downloaded file.

Run the setup file.

Follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing the application.

Note: If you are running Windows XP then you must install program update first.

How to Crack?

After downloading the free version, execute the setup file.

After installing the program, run it and click on the “Go to menu” and select the �

System Requirements For Perfect Lock:

Might & Magic Heroes VII system requirements have been reworked.
We have successfully integrated all the older versions into the latest one.
Get the most current version here.
Windows OS
Mac OS
The game requires at least 8GB of free disk space to install and save progress, 64MB of free memory and a processor with at least 1.8 GHz.
Minimum requirements for new install:
Windows OS:
Windows 7 or newer
8 GB of free disk space
64MB of free memory

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