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No other work will bear such resemblance to Ibn Arabi and his legacy. The main purpose of this book is to offer readers who wish to more deeply understand the magical traditions of the Arabs, the manual itself from this book with its style, guidance and conclusions.
fb Iftanayan’s complaint (complaints of iftans with his family against their predecessor) reads: «We want you to refrain from writing essays on these issues for scholars.» A spiritual practitioner whose job is to to communicate with the deity and learn from him, learn from the Supreme Spirit, one must be completely independent of these ignorant

9. Amir Hussein al-Tabari (Amir al-Muqaddasi) — the greatest Islamic historian, was born in Damascus in 886. He was the first to study hadith. He is the author of the book Sheikh Khuzayma. Writes a book by Ibn Taymiyyah. as well as other authors. These authors are very important because their work contains the most important information on various issues, in particular on hadith.
10. Ibn Kathir — a great Islamic scholar, was born in the west of Yemen, in the city of Marrakech. He was the great-grandson of Imam Ahmad and his son, i.e. he is the direct grandson of Imam al-Bukhari and Imam Husayn ibn Ali. He was also a student and follower of Ibn Hazm and other scholars. His numerous books are distinguished by the power of his thought and its richness. Many scholars and other Muslims acknowledge his authority as one of the greatest Muslim scholars.
12. Baba Talib al-Haytami — the great Shiite theologian and scholar, he was born in Delhi in 1250. In his youth, he studied with the best Muslim philosophers such as Ibn Rushd, Ibn Ishaq, Hafiz Ibn al-Arabi and others. He traveled a lot. He visited Fes, Baghdad, Anatolia, Ifrane and other cities. He wrote books that collected his knowledge of religion. His books had a great influence on Muslims



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