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HD Online Player (The Hichki Movie Eng Sub Download) PORTABLE 🟠

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HD Online Player (The Hichki Movie Eng Sub Download)

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How to use fscanf() with arrays

I want to collect data from a file until I reach the last entry in the file. In the file, I have the following:
Timestamp, X1, X2, X3,…, XN, Y1, Y2,…, YM, K1, K2,…, KN,

where some of the digits in the timestamp are missing (eg. X2 or Y4 are missing). I don’t know which digits are present and which are missing. The indices are all consecutive.
If I use fscanf(), I want it to parse the first two or three columns (depending on the number of digits in the timestamp) and put the data in some preallocated arrays.
However, the fscanf() and I know I have to check the return-code of the function to find out whether I read everything from the file or not (Is there a better way?). When I’m done with using the fscanf(), I want to use sscanf() to go to the next line.
The problem is that the fscanf() scans some more lines than I want. If the third digit in the timestamp is 4, fscanf() will read the fourth line in the file. In the scenario above, this is the first digit, but it is what I want. How do I stop this?
Or is there a better way to go about this?
Here’s my current code (it’s not much), but I know I’m doing something wrong:
long timestamp;
double data[12];
int nData = 0;
char file[BUFF];
FILE *fd;

if(!(fd = fopen(argv[1], «r»))){
perror(«Couldn’t open input file»);

while(fscanf(fd, »
%d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d»,


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