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Written by Michael Swanwick

Published by Subterranean Press

2013 Speculative Fiction, 494 pages


ISBN 9780981504876

Michael Swanwick is the author of ten books, including The Iron Dragon’s Daughter, which won a Locus Award, the Campbell Award, and was nominated for the Nebula, World Fantasy, and Hugo Awards. Before that, he wrote ten science fiction novels, including Vacuum Flowers, the first book of his Air trilogy. He has also published three books of short fiction.

Sargasso Sea is a collection of stories that draw together themes explored in Swanwick’s stories, including the science fiction, horror, mystery, and fantasy genres. The stories are inspired by The Sargasso Sea, The Sargasso Chronicles, and The Weather Factory, as well as its eponymous feature film, all of which Swanwick wrote before and after, respectively.

The book includes a substantial introduction that discusses Swanwick’s writing, his concept of “siblings” and their impact on the stories, and his philosophy of science fiction. It also includes a brief biography of Herbert George Wells and an account of the curious history of The Sargasso Sea, with extensive notes on and quotes from the stories included in the book.

Sargasso Sea makes available the best of Michael Swanwick’s short fiction and the first release of his nonfiction, including the short story “XVI,” which received a Hugo and Nebula Awards nomination, the first stories

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