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After installing the software, run the setup Wizard.When the Wizard finishes, you will find the software’s
installation folder.Note: You can select the directory location where you want to install
the FormFlow software.The installer will install the.msi file to the default
installation directory.

Double-click the FormFlow.msi installer to run the installation program.When the program has finished running, you will see the following message:

Select Yes to close the FormFlow.msi installer.
When the FormFlow.msi installer opens, follow the installation instructions
and select the Next button when finished.
When the FormFlow.msi installer has finished installing, you can close the
FormFlow.msi installer.

You can now start the FormFlow Viewer program.

1. Open the FormFlow Viewer by double-clicking on the FormFlow Viewer
program icon.

2. You can now start filling in forms using the FormFlow Viewer program.

3. To print forms, you can select the File > Print menu item.

4. When FormFlow has finished filling in the form, you can click on the submit

5. When you submit the form, FormFlow will handle the submission.

Note: If you select the option to save data after form submission, then the form
data will be saved in an XML file in the installation folder.

6. When the software is finished with the form, you can select the File > Close
menu item.

7. The software closes automatically after the form has been submitted.

8. You can now start the FormFlow Developer to develop new forms and workflows.

9. You can start the development by double-clicking on the FormFlow Developer program icon.

10. When the FormFlow Developer is run, the first screen you will see is the
New form screen.

11. The first screen shows a form for entering customer names.

12. Select the customer name section and enter some data.

13. You can now add more fields to the form by selecting the New field button on the
right side of the screen.

14. Select the type of data to be entered into the field.

15. The type of data to be entered is always underlined. 384a16bd22

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Copy book/publish/document info from selected frame/layer of current file to clipboard
and paste it into external application.

Keyboard Macro Description:

In the current preview version of ACBF’s Reference Manager v4, users can work with any of these settings.

The reference manager looks similar to other popular reference managers like Zotero and Mendeley. ACBF’s reference manager will help you sort, organize, and manage references in easy-to-use ways.

The Reference Manager (RM) in ACBF is built on the same code base as the rest of the ACBF suite, meaning it’s compatible with the rest of the tools you use for studying and learning comic books. It also works with any other database management application you use, and you can download the data to the reference manager from ACBF’s original library.

The Reference Manager also has an amazing set of features for collecting and storing your references. All of the options are explained below.


You may be interested in the CrossReference feature. This allows you to collect individual pieces of textual information from a particular page of a comic book, and then add it to a reference list. The page information can then be searched and exported to any of the ACBF Reader App or the ACBF Viewer.
CrossReference documentation
The CrossReference feature is available for comic books in the archive, the open library, or the other formats. If it’s not available for your comic, we can help you create it.

Open the comic book in the ACBF Reader App.
Select Tools → CrossReference.
In the CrossReference panel that appears, select the item to add.
This will be the textual information that you would like to add to your reference list.
Add this information to your reference list by selecting the plus button to the right of the CrossReference panel.

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