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KeyMACRO is an easy to use macro recorder. The application lets you record actions to the keyboard. The actions can be combined, and played back using the keyboard, mouse or a joystick. The actions can be launched from the clipboard, and even be configured as a hotkey.
What is KeyMACRO for?
Record actions using the keyboard and mouse.
Use the clipboard.
Launch actions from the clipboard.
Launch actions using the hotkey.
Perform actions using a joystick.
Record and playback.
Load macros from a file.
Export macros to a file.
Paste macro to the clipboard.
Editing and sharing.
Easy to use.
KeyMACRO Specifications:
· Configure recording settings, including sound
· Configure an unlimited number of macros.
· Start recording and the macros will play as you type or move your mouse.
· Configure macros to play from a clipboard, launch on the clipboard, launch on hotkey, or launch on the mouse.
· Configure macros to play when you have a certain key pressed, or when you move your mouse in a certain direction.
· Create as many macros as you want.
· Import and export macros for editing.
· Paste a macro on the clipboard, or remove the macro.
· Export macros to a file.
· Copy a macro to the clipboard.
· Play a macro back.
· View macros in a list.
· Edit the length of a macro.
· Enable macros to play in all programs.
· Easy to use.
You can use KeyMACRO to record macros using almost any keyboard or mouse, and to launch them from the clipboard or a keypress, and to launch them from a mouse or joystick. You can create macros that are activated when you have a specific key pressed, or when you move your mouse in a specific direction. You can even use macros to record and play back what you are typing! You can even create macros that act as shortcuts to any program, and launch with hotkeys.
Macros can be recorded and played back in any Windows application. You can import and export macros between versions, as well as sharing macros with other people. You can also create and share macros on the web.
Additional KeyMACRO Features:
· Load a.MCL file containing macro definitions.
· Edit a macro definition.
· Copy a macro definition to the clipboard.
· Paste a macro definition to the clipboard 384a16bd22

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Use a canvas to draw your curves on.
Type the desired number of dots to create the halftone.
Adjust the line width, density and line direction (select the direction with mouse).
Adjust the line curvature and length (there are possibilities for 4-sided and 6-sided curves).
Start the drawing with a shortcut key like CTRL+Shift+N or CTRL+SHIFT+C.
Adjust the shape of the canvas.
Adjust the opacity and lock the canvas to prevent layer changes.
Activate a full screen preview window.
When you’ve finished the drawing you can save it to file, save a copy to the clipboard or send it directly to Photoshop.

*NOTE: Every time you draw a curve, the program creates a temporary Photoshop file for editing purposes, which will be replaced by the final image once you save it to file or close it.

Liz Kramer’s ImagePro is a very powerful and very versatile Photoshop plugin. It includes all of the standard features you would expect from a «top of the line» image editing program: on the one hand you have the ability to work with thousands of photoshop filters, as well as the more general features that apply to most non-photoshop programs, such as drawing vector shapes and a full size canvas editor with the various drawing tools that can be used to draw or edit vector shapes.

Macromedia Flash is an animation plug-in for Photoshop. It takes a plain image and turns it into a movie that can be played in Adobe Flash Professional. You can use it to create complex animation effects from one single image, or to create interactive navigation tools with hidden buttons, or to enhance a website’s image content. With Flash, you can bring interactive elements to your web pages, videos, and other multimedia content.

Object Painting Tool (OPT) is an open source, yet very powerful and versatile, tool for interactive illustration. With Object Painting Tool, you can create your own «mask» and fill its area with any existing image, and then you can use it as a selection mask for a new layer. You can also create your own shape, path, path gradient or pattern from scratch and easily apply it as a selection mask. You can also paint «random patterns» with any kind of dynamic transformations. You can also record your creation and use it to create your own video or GIF.

A great plug-in for Illustrator is MakeHuman. This plug-in has over 20 tools

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